Jump Out! HD

Get your feelers up and six little legs ready for some acrobatic action!

Little Flock

In this captivating and challenging game you fly with a little flock of birds through the jungle island. As you go, you meet a lot of new friends making your flock bigger and bigger.

The Mysterious Past of Gregory Phoenix

Imagine that you have a forefather-inventor, whose life what the full mystery and he bequeathed it to you with a secret he kept... That is what happened to young Gregory Phoenix and dramatically changed his life.

Zarik HD

Zarik is simple logical game, which consist of 100 levels (from very easy to near-impossible). You have a wooden board and several dice you have to move to outlined zones. 

The Stone of Destiny HD

The Stone of Destiny – a powerful artifact from the times of King Arthur and the legendary Knights of the Round Table, and the key to solving a string of crimes stretching back through time!

Cassandra's Journey: Legacy of Nostradamus HD

"Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus HD" is your ticket to the world of magic and adventures. Rich world of magical trinkets looks even more splendid on iPad!

Optical Illusions

Does the world look a little stranger today? Are you seeing things? Is something wrong with your iPhone/iPad? No! It’s just Optical Illusions, the magical app that puts a world of eye-watering illusions in your pocket!