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Doodle God

Your iPhone is full of fire, water, earth and air! What do you do with your iPhone? Make calls, send texts, check email? Boring! With Doodle God™ you can create storms, build armies, grow a civilisation and… drink vodka!

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Please, send me a promocode!

Unfortunately, promocodes are limited in number, we can only give promocodes to those, who have a site or blog and can write a review for our game. But sometimes we give away promocodes on our Twitter - follow
Why I can’t see all of the categories? Why the counter shows less categories? Where is the Monsters category?
This is not a bug. Different episodes may have different number of categories. Some categories may appear only in certain episodes and some categories might be replaced with others. Monsters category, for example, feel out of place in Modern age episode, so they are removed from it.
Game crashes on my iDevice. What should I do?
1) Reboot your device.
2) If problem persists, try reinstalling the app - it’s free (delete it from the device, redownload it from App Store for free, install).
3) You will unfortunately lose all your previous in-game progress.
4) Tell us your iOS version and device name.
5) It would help alot if you synchronized with iTunes and when prompted, sent the crash report to Apple.
I have trouble downloading/updating the game on my device.
Unfortunately, that is something we cannot help with, it is out of our competence. You should contact Apple support in case of such problems.
I forgot my pincode for Parental Control! What should I do?
Only the person who sets the pincode can know it. If you forgot the pincode, delete the game from the device and reinstall it from Appstore (for free, no additional purchase required). Next time, write down your pincode and keep it somewhere safe.
I’m under 17, but I want to play Doodle God.
Ask your parents or guardians, who are older than 17 to install the game and activate Parental Control from the option menu. This will disable all mature content and you will be able to play Doodle God.
What is this Thanks for Developers button for? Do I have to purchase something?
You don’t have to purchase it, if don’t want to. It is only there so you can express your gratitude to the developers. However purchasing will grant you a fan-club pass, we are planning premium content for members in future updates.
The game contains mature content (sex, tobacco, alcohol, etc). Can I remove it so my kids can play?
We now have Parental Control. Enable it in the options menu by entering a pincode (you will able to disable Parental Control later with this pincode) and the game will be absolutely safe for your kids to play.
When Doodle God will be available for iPad/Android? When iPhone/on-line version will be updated?
We are planning to release Doodle God on more platforms in near future. Also we try very hard to keep updates coming as fast as possible. Alas, that is not as easy as it might seem. To be updated on release and update information, follow our twitter channel -
I want to suggest new reactions/game modes for future updates of Doodle God.
Sure, we would love to see your ideas. Send them to and we will consider implementing them in future updates of Doodle God.
I want to listen to music while playng Doodle God. I want to turn sounds/voice off.
You can disable music, sound and voice in options menu.